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G.657.A1 subscriber cable (drop) 0.8kN 2000m

SKU: FNTD-A-J9-002-SLIM-A1-SCA-2000
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The cable is made of G.657.A1 class fiber, also available in G.657.B3 class. The strength and flexibility of the cable is ensured by the HDPE coating so that it can be used in harsh outdoor conditions. Pigtail is used primarily in telecommunications networks, in connections between various components in outdoor - aerial networks. The coating has the LS0H parameter, meaning that it is a universal cable that can be connected directly to the customer from the pole. SPAN distance is max. 75-85m. The SC APC connector has an angled polish of the fiber face at 8 degrees.

cable diameter adapted to subscriber clamps;
durable, light construction;
vibrant fiber colors.
self-supporting for aerial networks.
 Additional technical parameters:
Maximum crushing force [N]: 1000 N
Standard length on a drum [m]: 2000 +/- 5%
Weight [kg]: 10.5 +/- 5%
Operating temperature: -30+60
Installation temperature: -20+60
Storage temperature: -30+60
Thickness of outer coating [mm]: 0.75
Tube diameter [mm]: 0.9
standard length on a drum : 2000m.