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GBC-12/5-8 - 12mm Gas Block, 5-8mm Cable

Manufacturer: Camozzi
The GBC-12/5-8 is a robust 12mm Gas Block Connector designed for securing microcable within microducts, ensuring a seal against gas and water intrusion.
SKU: FTL13CZ0070
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Technical Data:

  • Product Code: GBC-12/5-8
  • Suitable for Cable Diameter: 5-8mm
  • Operational Pressure: 15bar (218 psi)
  • Burst Rating: 25bar (363 psi)
  • Temperature Range: -40℃ to 65℃
  • PCS/CTN: 480


  • Reusable connector with a transparent body for visual installation confirmation.
  • Equipped with two removable locking clips to prevent the tube from detaching.
  • Can be reused more than 10 times without loss of performance.
  • High resistance to temperature fluctuations.

The GBC-12/5-8 Gas Block Connector is typically utilized in the transition between indoor and outdoor settings to block airflow and condensation from entering ducts. It's also designed for easy, tool-free installation, making it a convenient choice for protecting equipment by preventing fluids and gases from compromising microduct systems.