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GBC-12/7-10 - 12mm Gas Block, 7-10mm Cable

Manufacturer: Camozzi
This robust 12mm Gas Block Connector is designed to secure microducts and microcables ranging from 7-10mm. Its transparent body allows for easy visual checks during installation, ensuring a reliable, airtight seal.
SKU: FTL13CZ0068
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Technical Data:

  • Product Code: GBC-12/7-10
  • Size: Suitable for 12mm microducts and 7-10mm microcables
  • Packing Quantity: 480 units per carton


  • Reusable: Can be utilized more than 10 times while retaining high performance
  • Pressure Resistant: Operational at 15bar with a quick burst rating of 25bar
  • Transparent Design: Allows visual inspection during microcable installation
  • Dual Locking Clips: Ensures secure microduct connection

The GBC-12/7-10 gas block connector is primarily used to seal microducts against gas and water intrusion, particularly at the transition from outdoor to indoor settings. This helps prevent air flow that could lead to condensation and potential damage to the cables and equipment within. Installation is straightforward and does not require specialized tools.