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GP220/192 – optical closure,192 splice,fully equipped

The GP220/192 is a fully equipped optical closure with a capacity for 192 splices, designed for efficient fiber optic cable connections.
SKU: FMC16FC0006
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Technical Data:
Model: FCST012216 GP220/192
Size: 504*298 mm
Entry Ports: 1 oval port, 8 middle size round ports, 8 small size round ports
Max. Tray Number: 192pcs
Max. Capacity: 2304F (if with 12F tray, total 192 pcs)

Dome-to-base design with clamp and O-ring system
Constructed with modified PP +GF, ABS, and stainless steel
IP68 protection level, working temperature -40°C to +65°C
Lightning protection grounding device
Fast and reliable sealing performance

Suitable for aerial, pole mounting, directly buried, and wall mounting
Prevents optic fibers from outdoor environmental influences
Can be used in communication, network systems, CATV cable TV, and more.