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HB4 distribution box for mounting in a cable tray

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A miniature distribution box for installation in cable trays is used in narrow communication routes or places where it is forbidden to suspend additional installations. Helps to reduce the number of wires in the main bundle. Parameters:
allows to introduce up to four subscribers using two SC duplex adapters without flanges;
small dimensions (240x32x27mm) enable complete concealment inside small cable trays (30x40mm);
parts of the distribution box are assembled without tools using latches;
proprietary simple design while maintaining functionality allows the installation of adapters without additional fasteners;
light and corrosion resistant distribution box made of aluminum.
can be used inside multifamily residential units;
for places with limited mounting possibilities (narrow passageways or staircases where suspending additional devices is forbidden);
for direct mounting in cable trays (min 30x40mm);
enables the connectorization of 4 subscribers, e.g. from a Fanout cable to 4x B3ND.
 Additional technical parameters:
material: aluminum;
color: silver;
 Equipment included:
HB4 distribution box - 2 aluminum elements;
SCA Duplex adapter set - 2 pcs without flanges
Products specifications
material aluminum
Maximum number of adapters 2x duplex
Maximum number of input ports 4
UV resistance yes
Dimensions 240x32x27