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Dura-Line HDPE 14/12mm MicroDucts - Direct Install, Silicore Lined, RAL Colors

Our MicroDucts HDPE 14/12mm is a multipurpose conduit designed for the creation of new direct buried pathways or as a subduct in existing lines. It comes with both smooth and ribbed inner lining options, providing easy cable placement.
SKU: FMC15DL0009
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Price for 1 m
Technical Data:
Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Size: 14/12 mm
Pressure Resistance: Minimum 15 bar
Inner Coefficient of Friction: Less than 0.1, thanks to Silicore® lining

The MicroDucts HDPE 14/12mm boasts a Silicore, permanently lubricated inner lining for a lower inner coefficient of friction and anti-static inner layer, facilitating easier fibre installation. It shows improved impact and compression resistance, available in 13 opaque RAL colours, and also comes in a transparent version with stripes of 13 opaque colours.

This product is ideal for establishing new direct buried pathways or as a subduct in existing lines. It can be installed by pulling, blowing, or pushing in existing duct systems, accommodating single MicroDucts or bundles. It is also suitable for use in other DB bundles such as FuturePath HDPE and FuturePath Flex.