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IEC14M-TL444 (45044400-01) - IEC/444 Male Connector

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The IEC14M-TL444 is a compact and sturdy connector designed for efficient and reliable electrical connections.
SKU: FMC08CA0097
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Technical Data:
This connector showcases precise measurements, with a back nut and body both having 22 mm in hex and 24.6 mm in regular dimensions. The strain relief (SR) component holds zero measurements in both hex and regular metrics, and the total length of the connector is 66.1 mm. It's compatible with the TL444 type of cable.

The connector boasts a secure fit thanks to its robust dimensions, including a back nut and body measuring 22 mm in hex and 24.6 mm in regular dimensions. It also features a strain relief (SR) component with a zero measurement. The connector's compact size, 66.1 mm in total length, allows for easy installation and usage.

The IEC14M-TL444 connector is ideal for installations requiring secure and efficient electrical connections. Suitable for use with a TL444 type cable, it can be implemented in a wide range of electrical systems and devices.