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IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909690) - IEC Self Install Connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The IECF-56 5.1 SELF INSTALL (99909690) is a high-performance, self-install IEC Female Connector designed for RG6 cables.
SKU: FTL08CA0057
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Technical Data:
Amp. Rating (measured): 7,0 A @10°C increase (calculated): 9,8 A @20°C increase
Transfer Impedance (CoMeT): < 5,0 m?/m @ 5-30MHz, < 0,2 m?/con. @ 5-30MHz
Shielding Effectiveness(CoMeT): > 100 dB @ 30-1000MHz, > 90 dB @ 1000-3000MHz
Inner Conductor Resistance: 2,0 m?
Sealing Test: Insulation Resistance (IEC IP-code) > 200 G?
Dielectric Strength: O-rings DC Test Voltage > 3,0 KV
Max. Tensile Strength: 20,4 Kgf
Torsional Strength: Nitin-6

Wide frequency range support
High shielding effectiveness
Strong inner conductor resistance
Reliable sealing and insulation

Suitable for applications requiring a wide frequency range, high shielding effectiveness, and strong inner conductor resistance. Ideal for use in demanding environments where reliable sealing and insulation are essential.