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IECF-6-TD 4.9 TRUE DROP (99909494-04) - IEC Compression Connector RG6

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The IECF-6-TD 4.9 TRUE DROP (99909494-04) - IEC Compression Connector RG6 is an innovative and reliable connector designed to flawlessly fit RG6 coaxial cables. Part of the renowned TRUE DROP series by Cabelcon, this connector promises consistency and a secure connection every time.
SKU: FTL08CA0053
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Technical Data:
Compatible with: RG6 Coaxial Cable
Outer Diameter: Approx. 7mm
Dielectric Diameter: 4.5 to 4.65mm
Inner Conductor Diameter: Approx. 1.0mm
Manufacturer: Cabelcon
Part Number: 99909494-04

Unique interior design: Ensures a perfect capture of standard diameter RG6 coaxial cable, eliminating the need for forceful pushing or wedging.
Easy Installation: No special skills are needed to install the connector, but a specific compression tool is required.
High Compatibility: Designed to accommodate the majority of RG6 coaxial cables in the market.
Reliable: Part of Cabelcon's renowned TRUE DROP series, promising durability and longevity in all types of weather conditions.

The IECF-6-TD 4.9 TRUE DROP (99909494-04) - IEC Compression Connector RG6 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to:
Residential and commercial TV cable installations, providing a solid and secure connection.
Satellite systems, ensuring a reliable and stable signal.
CCTV and security camera systems, offering high-quality video transmission.
High-speed internet connections, enabling seamless data transfer.
Antenna installations, promising clear and uninterrupted signals.