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Jupiter distribution point

Manufacturer: Cellco
Jupiter distribution posts offer a highly adaptable solution for FTTH network applications. Their design eliminates the need for cable measuring and wells, streamlining installation and maintenance while accommodating an expanding user base.
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Technical Data:

  • Client side switching fields (SC connector): Max 144
  • Linear side switching fields (SC connector): Max 16
  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Subscriber cable diameter: Up to 7mm
  • Bus cable diameter: Up to 12mm
  • Splitters in ABS housing: Max 10
  • Neptun 24J splice trays: Max 7
  • ARC 12J splice trays: Max 14
  • Cable supply in cable pocket: 100m
  • Mid-span splicing: Yes
  • Subscriber cables after expansion: Max 36
  • Line cables after expansion: Max 6
  • Welds after expansion: Max 336


  • Versatile use in FTTH networks for different infrastructure needs
  • Large cable storage capacity to handle increasing users
  • Removable insert for welding up to 4 meters from the post
  • No cable wells required, reducing costs and simplifying maintenance
  • Durable materials like glass fibre reinforced polyester and galvanized insert for weather resistance and longevity

The Jupiter distribution post is the central hub in outdoor FTTH networks, particularly those constructed using the mining method. It enables effective organization, easy accessibility, and simplified management of network infrastructure for maintenance and repairs.

Products specifications
Maximum number of subscriber cables 36
Maximum number of splices 24
Maximum number of line cables 6
Tightness class IP-44
Mechanical protection class IK-10
Equipment included basic