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L-Type Buckle 6.4x0.7mm G304

Manufacturer: Loob
The L-Type Buckle, sized at 6.4x0.7mm and crafted from Grade 304 stainless steel, is a robust and durable fastening solution for stainless steel mounting tapes.
SKU: FMC10LO0019
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Material: Stainless steel Grade 304 (AISI 304 / 1.4301)
Thickness: 0.7mm
Width: 6.4mm
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces
Type: L-Type Buckle

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel for maximum strength and longevity
Exceptionally resistant to both high and low temperature extremes
Capable of withstanding heavy loads without tearing
Designed to absorb vibrations effectively
Corrosion and UV radiation resistant, ensuring reliability in harsh conditions
Precision-engineered for easy installation without damaging the mounting tape

Ideal for securing tensioned stainless steel mounting tapes across diverse industries such as energy, telecommunications, road construction, aviation, defense, food processing, and coal mining. These buckles are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, including urban and industrial environments with moderate pollution levels and areas susceptible to chloride exposure. The variety of available sizes guarantees a perfect fit for all types and sizes of tapes offered.