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L-type universal pole bracket

Manufacturer: Cellco
The L-type universal pole bracket is a robust and versatile mounting solution designed for bus and subscriber mounts, perfectly suited for reinforced concrete columns. Its high strength and weather-resistant galvanized material make it an ideal choice for outdoor installations.
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Technical Data:

  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Material: Galvanized
  • Mesh Diameter: 15 mm
  • Breaking Force: 5 kN
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 12 mm
  • UPC Index: 06-4088


  • Universal bracket for multiple applications
  • Specifically designed for use with ŻN poles
  • High-grade galvanized material for durability
  • Capable of withstanding a breaking force of up to 5 kN
  • Pre-drilled mounting hole with a diameter of 12 mm for easy installation

This L-type universal pole bracket is intended for the installation of bus and subscriber mounts on reinforced concrete columns. Its pin mount design ensures secure attachment, making it suitable for a variety of industrial and construction settings that require a reliable mounting solution.

Products specifications
Application Reinforced concrete columns
Mesh diameter [mm] 15
Breaking force [kN] 5
Mounting hole diameter [mm] 12