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LEONI MegaLine® E5-60 U/F 4P H Cca Cable

Manufacturer: Leoni
The LEONI MegaLine® E5-60 U/F 4P H Cca is a high-performance, Category 6A structured cabling solution designed with a focus on fire safety and electromagnetic compatibility for advanced networking applications.
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Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Price for 1 m
Technical Data:
Conductor: Bare copper wire, AWG 23/1
Insulation: Cellular PE, nominal outer diameter 1.4 mm
Pair Shielding: Aluminum-laminated polyester foil
Outer Jacket: Halogen-free, flame-retardant compound
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +60°C
Transmission Bandwidth: Up to 600 MHz
Maximum Operating Voltage: 125 V
Coupling Attenuation: Nominal 65 dB
Shielding Attenuation: Nominal 55 dB

Exceeds Category 6A performance as per EN 50288 and IEC 61156
Features high NEXT, excellent shielding properties (pair and total shielding), and low skew
Halogen-free and flame-retardant materials for enhanced safety
Low coupling resistance of 50 m?/m at 10 MHz

Ideal for structured building cabling as outlined in ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173, the cable is well-suited for Class D to EA applications up to 10 GbE per IEEE 802.3an standards. It supports cable sharing, Voice over IP (VoIP), and Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+/4PPoE) technologies, making it versatile for use in office settings, data centers, industrial environments, and home networks.

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