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LEONI MegaLine Patch cable,cat 6A, 3 m

Manufacturer: Leoni
The LEONI MegaLine Patch cable, Cat 6A, 3 m, is a high-performance network cable designed for advanced structured cabling solutions, providing reliable high-speed data transmission.
SKU: 6600020
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Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Technical Data:
Category: Cat 6A
Length: 3 meters
Frequency: Up to 500 MHz
Shielding: EMC Combined shielding (PiMf + braid)
Plug: RJ45, shielded, according to EN 60603-7
Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, RoHS compliant with 2011/65/EU
Fire Behavior: IEC 61034 (Smoke density), IEC 60754-2 (Halogen-free), IEC 60332-1-2 (Flame retardancy)

Offers excellent NEXT and return loss values due to its pair shielding and high-coverage copper braiding.
Comes with color-coded overmoulded boots for easy identification.
Supports applications exceeding 10 Gigabit Ethernet according to IEEE 802.3 an.

The LEONI MegaLine Patch cable is ideal for all applications up to class EA, including video, data, voice over IP (VoIP), Power over Ethernet (PoE), and environments that require high data transmission integrity and speed, such as data centers and office networks.