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LGX for 3U neptun . splice cassette, 12 A SC APC sm, 12 colours PGT SC APC 2m, transparent cap

Manufacturer: Cellco
The Neptun 3U splice cassette is a robust and efficient solution for fiber optic cable management, designed to accommodate 12 SC APC single-mode connections with color-coded pigtails for easy identification.
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Technical Data:

  • Housing Dimensions: 214 x 129 x 35 mm
  • Material Composition: Steel and aluminum with a transparent cap
  • Slit Protection Tube Storage: 1.5 meters
  • Connection Capacity: 12 SC/E2000
  • Maximum Number of Splices: 12


  • Equipped with a splice tray and 12 A SC APC single-mode pigtails in 12 different colors, each 2 meters in length
  • Transparent cap for easy visual inspection
  • Designed for seamless integration with the Neptun 3U patch panel

This splice cassette is specifically crafted for use in the Neptun 3U patch panel system, ideal for structured cabling in data centers, telecom closets, and other environments where fiber optic networks are utilized. Its color-coded pigtails simplify network organization and maintenance.

Products specifications
Maximum number of adapters 12
Maximum number of pigtails 12
Maximum number of splices 12