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LoCo CABLE 12F – aerial/duct cable, 1x12F, G657A1,CT-module 12, 2xFRP,dia. 7,1mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The OFC-12G.657A1-FGSA-S1 Module 12 is a robust aerial cable equipped with 12 high-performance optical fibers, designed for both duct and aerial installation. This cable ensures reliable data transmission over long distances with minimal signal loss.
SKU: FTL01ZT0015
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Technical Data:
Fiber Count: 12
Fiber Type: ITU-T G.657A1 UBIF®R10
Attenuation: ?0.36 dB/km at 1310 nm, ?0.23 dB/km at 1550 nm
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +70°C
Outer Diameter: 7.1 mm ± 0.5
Weight: 36 kg/km
Standards: IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-4-20, EN 50290-2-24

Enhanced mechanical properties including a tensile strength of 750N and crush resistance of 2000N/10cm
Low micro-bending sensitivity
Water-blocking design for increased protection
Black HDPE outer sheath with embedded FRP rods for added strength
Easy identification with fiber colors and outer sheath markings at 1-meter intervals

This cable is ideally suited for outdoor installation scenarios that demand high durability and performance, such as long-distance telecommunications, broadband networks, and data centers. Its construction allows for deployment in aerial configurations as well as through duct systems, offering flexibility for various environmental and structural conditions.