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Dura-Line LSHF 7/4mm MicroDucts - Indoor, Safe & Durable, White Color

Our MicroDucts LSHF 7/4mm is a flame retardant solution designed for indoor networks, ensuring safety in areas where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas may pose a threat.
SKU: FMC15DL0013
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Technical Data:
This product is composed of Flame Retardant Low Smoke Halogen Free materials and offers a pressure resistance of minimum 15 bar. With a bend radius of 70 mm, a wall thickness of 1.5 mm, and an OD/ID size of 7/4 mm, it withstands storage and usage temperatures from -40 to 70°C. The packaging includes a drum with duct ovality of 5% after 1 hour.

The MicroDucts LSHF 7/4mm features a Silicore, permanently lubricated inner lining for a lower inner coefficient of friction and an anti-static inner layer to reduce friction caused by static electricity build-up during fibre installation. It is available in a milky white colour and in smooth or ribbed inner lining options, with the ribbed version available from 7 mm up. All resins comply with the strictest V0 classification according to UL 94:2013, ensuring low smoke emissions.

This product is ideal for establishing new routes or acting as a subduct in existing lines within indoor networks. Its low smoke, halogen-free composition makes it a safe choice for environments where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas may pose a health risk and possible damage to electronic equipment