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MICRO CABLE 216F/G657A1 – micro blow. cable 9x24F,G657A1,LT,central FRP,d.7,4mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The GYCFHTY-216 G.657A1 is a high-density micro cable optimized for blowing into microducts, designed with advanced optical fiber technology to support modern telecommunication needs.
SKU: FMC01ZT0071
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Technical Data:
Fiber Type: ITU-T G.657A1
Fiber Count: 216
Outer Diameter: 7.4 mm (± 0.3)
Weight (approx.): 56 kg
Max Tensile Load (Installation): 2000 N
Crush Resistance: 700 N/10 cm
Temperature Range: -20 to +60°C (Operation)
Standards: IEC 60793-1, IEC 60793-2, IEC 60794-5, IEC 60793-1-52

Optimized fiber geometry for reduced attenuation and improved signal quality
Durable HDPE outer sheath with ripcord for easy access
Water blocking materials for moisture protection
Colored fibers and tubes for easy identification

The GYCFHTY-216 G.657A1 micro cable is suitable for telecommunications infrastructure that requires high fiber density and compact cable design. It is particularly applicable in dense urban environments where space is at a premium and in network backbones for long-distance communication.