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MICRO CABLE 288F - micro cable, 24x12F,G652D,LT,central FRP, diameter 9.6mm

Manufacturer: ZTT
The GYCFHTY-288 G652D is a high-density micro cable optimized for blowing into microducts, featuring a robust design with 288 fibers and a G.652D standard for minimized attenuation.
SKU: FMC01ZT0077
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Technical Data
Fiber Count: 288
Loose Tubes x Fibers: 24x12
Tube Diameter/Wall Thickness: 1.4/0.2 mm
Central Strength Member: 3.0 mm (FRP)
Outer Sheath Thickness: 0.5 mm, HDPE
Cable Diameter: 9.6 mm (±0.3)
Weight: 82 kg (± 20%)
Max Tensile Load: 2000 N (Installation)
Crush Resistance: 700 N/10 cm
Temperature Range: -20 to +60°C (Operational)

Stranded loose tubes with thixotropic compound for protection.
Dry cable strand with water-blocking materials.
Black HDPE outer sheath with a ripcord for easy access.
Fiber colors and tube markings for easy identification.
ITU-T G.652D standard optical fibers with low attenuation.
Withstands rigorous mechanical tests for tensile strength, crush resistance, and bending.

Ideal for telecommunications infrastructure, the GYCFHTY-288 G652D is designed for installation within microduct systems in a variety of environments, supporting long-distance and high-capacity data transmission.