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Dura-Line HDPE MicroDuct 5/3.5mm - Direct Buried, Silicore Lined, RAL Colors

The MicroDucts HDPE 5/3,5 mm is a versatile and robust conduit designed for the efficient and safe installation of fiber bundles. Available in two variations for direct buried and existing line applications.
SKU: FMC15DL0002
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Price for 1 m
Technical Data:
Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Outer Diameter: 5 mm
Inner Diameter: 3.5 mm
Pressure Resistance: Minimum 15 bar
Inner Lining: Silicore, permanently lubricated for maximum cable blowing length
Temperature Range: -40 to 60°C (storage and use), -20 to 50°C (installation)
UV Stability: Up to 2 years
Burst pressure: 50 bar
Bend Radius: 50 mm
Wall Thickness: 0.75 mm
Weight of Duct: 9.5 kg/km

Made from high-density polyethylene providing excellent durability and impact resistance
Incorporates a Silicore lining for reduced friction, optimizing cable installation
Offers both smooth and ribbed inner lining options for easy cable placement
Anti-static inner layer to minimize friction caused by static electricity during fiber installation
Available in 13 opaque RAL colours and a colourless version with stripes of 13 opaque colours
Markings for footage and meter for easy measurement

Perfect for creating a new direct buried pathway or placing as a subduct in an existing line
Ideal for installing fiber bundles in telecommunications infrastructure
Suitable for environments where high data volumes and short latencies are required, such as broadband and fibre optic networks
Used in other DB bundles like FuturePath HDPE and FuturePath Flex