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MiM Marker 120 Analog Underground Marker For Water Pipelines - Freq. 145,7kHz

Manufacturer: Komplex
The MiM Marker 120 Analog is a robust underground marker, specially crafted for water pipelines, operating at a frequency of 145.7 kHz.
SKU: FMC03KX0010
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Technical Data:
Working frequency: 145.7 kHz
Casing material: High Density PS
Dimensions: Diameter 119 mm x Height 33 mm
Weight: Max. 116 g (0.26 lb)
Reading range: Up to 1.4 m (4.59 ft)
Working temperature: –20 °C to +60 °C
Life time: 50 years

The MiM Marker 120 Analog is protected by a resilient High Density PS casing, promising a lifespan of 50 years in demanding underground conditions. It provides a reading range of up to 1.4 meters and functions optimally in temperatures ranging from –20 °C to +60 °C. While it lacks an ID serial number, it remains a trustworthy tool for identifying and tracking water pipelines.

Created specifically for the water industry, the MiM Marker 120 Analog is used to mark and locate underground water pipelines. This assists in maintenance, repair, and future infrastructure expansion, preventing potential damage during excavation and promoting efficient network management.