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Mini Cable12FO A-DQ(ZN)2Y 1x12 E9U LT1.7

The Mini Cable12FO A-DQ(ZN)2Y 1x12 E9U LT1.7 is a high-density, fully dielectric fiber optic cable designed by Corning for compact installations where space is limited. It's a lightweight, durable solution with high transmission security, low attenuation, and polarization mode dispersion.
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Technical Data:

  • Fibre count: 12
  • Fibre name: E9/125 SMF28e+®
  • Fibre category: OS2
  • Wavelengths (nm): 1310/1383/1550
  • Maximum attenuation (dB/km): 0.36/0.36/0.22
  • Outer diameter: 5.3 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg/km
  • Min. bend radius installation: 106 mm
  • Min. bend radius operation: 79.5 mm
  • Max. short-term tensile strength: 350 N
  • Crush resistance (reversible): 1000 N/10 cm


  • Reduced outer cable diameter and high fiber density, suitable for microduct systems.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for installations & upgrades.
  • Optimized for blowing in mini or micro ducts due to its dual layer tube design and low friction PE sheath.
  • Fully dielectric, thus requires no grounding.
  • Comes with color-coded tubes & fibers for easy identification.
  • Uses SMF-28e+® fibers according to ITU-T G.652.D standard for secure transmission, low attenuation and dispersion.

This cable is typically used in Long-Haul, Metro, or Access Networks areas where limited space is available. It's an excellent choice for businesses seeking to optimize their installations and upgrades while ensuring high-quality data transmission.

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