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NEXT - subscriber socket 2HP

Manufacturer: Cellco
The NEXT 2HP subscriber socket is a sleek, wall-mountable outlet designed for use in FTTH networks, providing a secure and efficient termination point for the subscriber line.
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse

Technical Data:

  • Compatibility: Up to 2 SC simplex adapters or 2 LC DX adapters without flanges
  • Input: B3ND through the box, DAC input, and 7mm microtube compatibility
  • Fiber organization: Intuitive with Fiber Protection System (FPS)
  • Splicing capacity: Maximum 2 splice covers, with space for up to 4 splice protectors
  • Mounting: B3ND input available on 4 sides, with 2 wall mounting options


  • Shallow design, considered the least obtrusive subscriber outlet on the market
  • Designer shape with an option for custom lid printing (logo + operator's address)
  • Two distinct zones: A commutation section and a welding section
  • Protection: Slot safeguard against accidental opening
  • Fiber safety: Virtually impossible to damage fibers thanks to the FPS


  • Versatile use for terminating various customer lines: DAC cable, 7mm microduct, subscriber patch cord
  • Installation: Can be surface-mounted or installed on an electrical box

Equipment Included:

  • NEXT socket
  • 2 pieces of wall plugs (no additional equipment such as adapters included)
Products specifications
Maximum number of adapters 2
Maximum number of subscriber cables 2
Maximum number of input ports 5 (4x3mm i 1x7mm)
Maximum number of splices 4
Equipment included no