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OFC-144 G.652D-SA-S1

The OFC-144 G.652D-SA-S1 is a high-strength, flexible optical fiber cable designed by ZTT for high-grade optical transmission and physical performance. It is ideal for self-supporting aerial installations and adheres to international standards.
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Warehouse: Macedonia

Technical Data:

The cable is manufactured with high purity silica and germanium doped silica optical fiber, ensuring quality transmission. It has a physical cable OD of 12.5mm±0.5mm for the 96 fiber count and 13.8mm±5% for the 144 fiber count. It operates within the temperature range of -40 deg C to + 70 deg C, and can withstand an installation temperature range of -30 deg C to + 60 deg C. It also boasts of a maximum installation tensile strength of 4800N and 5800N for 96 and 144 fiber counts respectively.


This cable features a unique extruding technology for good flexibility and bending endurance. It employs multiple water blocking materials for dual water resistance and aramid yarns for good tension performance. The cable also features a central strength member (Aramid yarns), flex tube, water blocking yarn, fiber and jelly, and water blocking tape, all enclosed in an outer sheath (HDPE, Black, UV resistant).


The OFC-144 G.652D-SA-S1 is perfect for self-supporting aerial installations. It is a top choice for telecommunications infrastructure, high-speed data communication, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, and any application that requires a reliable and durable cable for aerial installations. Its exceptional mechanical and environmental properties make it a preferred choice for both commercial and industrial applications.