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Outdoor Fiber Optic Cabinet 72J, 36 x SC Duplex 200x430x1450mm

Manufacturer: Loob
The outdoor fiber optic distribution cabinet is a durable and reliable solution for organizing and managing fiber optic cables in outdoor installations. With a commutation field capacity of 72J and 10 line ports, this cabinet is designed for convenience and efficiency. Its solid construction, IP65 tightness, and IK 10 mechanical protection make it ideal for telecommunications and networking applications that require protection against dust and water. The removable panel and internal organization ensure easy installation and organization of cables, making it a versatile and practical choice for outdoor settings.
SKU: FMC10LO0074
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Technical Data:
Commutation field capacity: 72J (36xSC Duplex)
Line ports: 10 x SC Simplex
Subscriber ports: 72J (36 x SC Duplex)
Dimensions: 200mm x 430mm x 1,450mm
Material: Magnelis thickness 1.0mm
Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 19 kg
Tightness class: IP 65
Mechanical protection class: IK 10

Designed for outdoor installation, can be dug into the ground to a depth of approx. 60 cm
Removable panel for easy access to commutation field
Internal organization for convenient installation and organization of fiber optic cables
Tight multi-hole cable gland at the bottom of the cabinet for secure cable entry
3 bus cable mounting pilots for cable management
Solid construction for durability
IP65 tightness for protection against dust and water

Ideal for outdoor installations where fiber optic cables need to be organized and managed efficiently
Suitable for telecommunications and networking applications requiring multiple line and subscriber ports
Can be used in environments where protection against dust and water is necessary
Suitable for outdoor settings where durability and reliability are important