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Outdoor Free-Standing Telecomm. Cabinet 19" 36U 18+18 Modular 610x610x2400mm

Manufacturer: Loob
This versatile telecommunications cabinet is designed to house both active and passive telecom equipment, offering a robust and secure environment for vital infrastructure components.
SKU: FMC10LO0106
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Depth: 610 mm
Width: 610 mm
Height: 2,400 mm
Material: Magnelis, 1.5 mm thickness
Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 129 kg
Tightness Class: IP 54
Mechanical Protection Class: IK 10
Cabinet Capacity: 19" 42U (two modules: 21+21U)

Two adjustable rows of 19" rack holders (9cm range front/back)
Dual 19" modules, each 21U in size, stacked
Enhanced air circulation within the cabinet
Secure locking system featuring a hinged handle, 3-point slide key code, and padlock option
Grounding connectors for electrical safety
Customizable floor plate with rubber bushings for cable management
Optional ventilation set plate
Optional heating set with a thermostat
Optional thermal and acoustic insulation for interior

Ideal for telecom industry installations, this cabinet is engineered to accommodate a mix of equipment while ensuring their operation remains uninterrupted and secure. It's suitable for environments where space optimization, equipment protection, and climate control are critical.