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Outdoor Free-Standing Telecomm. Cabinet 19" 36U With Insulation 610x610x1940mm

Manufacturer: Loob
This telecommunications cabinet is designed to accommodate both active and passive equipment, offering a robust and secure environment for essential infrastructure components.
SKU: FMC10LO0104
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Dimensions: 610mm (Depth) x 610mm (Width) x 1940mm (Height)
Material: 1.5mm thick Magnelis
Color: RAL 7035
Weight: 104kg
Tightness Class: IP 54
Mechanical Protection Class: IK 10
Cabinet Capacity: 19" 36U

Two rows of 19" adjustable rack handles (9cm range front/back)
Air circulation optimization within the cabinet
Secure locking system featuring a hinged handle and 3-point slide with a repeatable key code, plus additional padlock capability
Grounding connectors included
Floor plate installation option with rubber grommets for cable management
Provision for installing a ventilation set
Option for a heating set with a thermostat
Thermal and acoustic insulation options for interior of the cabinet

Ideal for setting up telecommunications systems, this cabinet is perfect for data centers, networking rooms, and other environments requiring organized, accessible, and secure mounting solutions for various communication technologies.