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Outdoor FTTH abonent socket NEXT 2HP equipped with LCDX adapters and 4x PGT SM

Manufacturer: Cellco
Introducing the Outdoor FTTH Abonent Socket NEXT 2HP: the ultra-compact and stylish solution for fiber optic cable termination. This socket is equipped with state-of-the-art features including LCDX adapters and space for 4x PGT SM, making it an ideal choice for modern fiber optic networks.
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Warehouse: EU warehouse

Technical Data:

  • Maximum Number of Adapters: 2 (supports flangeless SC or LCDX)
  • Maximum Number of Input Ports: 5 (4x3mm & 1x7mm)
  • Maximum Number of Subscriber Cables: 2
  • Maximum Number of Splices: 4
  • Equipment Included: No


  • Universal client cable termination compatible with DAC cable, microduct 7.0mm, and patch cords
  • Slimmest design on the market for a discreet, designer look
  • Fiber Protection System (FPS) that makes it nearly impossible to damage the fibers
  • Option for customization with an individual logo on the cover
  • DAC and microduct crimp holders for secure cable management
  • Easy access through 4-way entry and EZ-Bend access at the back of the box
  • Quick and intuitive fiber management system that eliminates the need to measure fiber lengths for splicing
  • Two distinct zones for communication and splicing to streamline installation
  • Innovative indent for easier fiber pick-up
  • Up to 4 splice protectors to safeguard fiber connections
  • Dual on-wall mounting options: on the wall or inside the electrical outlet
  • Optional screw locking system for additional security

The Outdoor FTTH Abonent Socket NEXT 2HP is perfect for use in a variety of outdoor fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications. Its robust construction and elegant design make it suitable for residential and commercial buildings, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing point of connection for subscriber cables. With its easy installation and superior protection, it's an excellent choice for network installers looking to deliver high-quality fiber optic services to clients.

Products specifications
Maximum number of adapters 2
Maximum number of input ports 5 (4x3mm i 1x7mm)
Maximum number of subscriber cables 2
Maximum number of splices 4
Equipment included no