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p-panel SLIDE 1U 12SC duplex (vertical) grey

Manufacturer: Cellco
The SLIDE 1U 12SC duplex (vertical) grey is a 19" rack-mountable fiber optic distribution frame designed for efficient cable management and connection adaptability in networking setups.
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Technical Data:

  • Form Factor: 19" 1U rack-mountable
  • Connection Capacity: Up to 48 LC or 24 SC duplex connections after expansion
  • Color: Grey, RAL 7035
  • Maximum Splices: Up to 96 after expansion
  • Weight: 2.9 kg


  • Sliding drawer mechanism for easy access and maintenance
  • Fully dismountable from the cover for convenient handling
  • Supports multiple adapter types for versatile connectivity
  • Secured with durable plastic snaps
  • Expandable design for increasing connection capacity
  • Fastens with standard rack screws for stability
  • Lightweight construction for ease of installation

Ideal for use as an optical distribution point and for terminating fiber optic cables, this panel is perfect for structured cabling systems that require scalability and ease of use.

Products specifications
Maximum number of cartridges 4