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Patch Cable U-UTP, CAT6, RJ45, Gray 15m

Manufacturer: Goobay
Experience stable and efficient network performance with our Patch Cable U-UTP, CAT6, RJ45, in a sleek gray color. Measuring 15 meters in length, it is perfect for organizing and extending your network connections.
SKU: 4342426
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Technical Data:
Category: CAT6
Length: 15 meters
Color: Gray
Cable Type: U/UTP (unshielded twisted pair)
Inner Conductor Material: CCA (copper-clad aluminium)
Core Diameter: 7/0.19 ± 0.005 mm
Sheath Diameter: O 5.8 ± 0.2 mm, PVC
Connection Type: RJ45 male (8P8C) connectors
Max Bandwidth: 250 MHz
Wiring Standard: EIA/TIA 568B

Gold-plated contact surfaces (PINs) for reliable connectivity
Latch protection on both ends to prevent snags and ensure a secure connection
Length indication on the slimline strain relief for easy identification
Unshielded design suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications

Ideal for use in home and office Gigabit Ethernet networks, the Patch Cable U-UTP allows you to connect various network components such as computers, switches, and routers. Its long length is particularly suited for reaching distant devices or creating neat, organized setups without the need for additional extenders or accessories.