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PG11M-TL202 (63020200-01) – hardline connector, pin.1,8x47mm

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
Presenting the PG11M-TL202 PIN Ø.1,8x47MM Connector (Item no. 63020200-01) from Cabelcon, a leading manufacturer of communication equipment. Designed for use with the CommScope CL 1.7/7.0 Coax ZES cable, this connector ensures efficient data transfer, especially in 5G networks.
SKU: FTL08CA0006
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Technical Data:
Amp. Rating (measured): 15.0 A @10°C increase, (calculated) 21.2 A @20°C increase
Transfer Impedance (CoMeT): Class A++ with low m?/m and m?/item values
Screening Attenuation(CoMeT): Class A++ with high dB values across different frequency ranges
Return Loss (IEC 61169-1): Excellent dB values at various frequency ranges
Insertion Loss Max.: Varies based on frequency range

Wide operating temperature range: -40° to +70° C
High insulation resistance and dielectric strength
Strong tensile and torsional strength
Durable plating and O-rings for sealing

Suitable for applications requiring high-quality connectors in a broad frequency range, with specific emphasis on low impedance, high screening attenuation, and excellent return and insertion loss characteristics.