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Pigtail 9/125 SC APC 2m (Telcordia 12 colors)

Manufacturer: Cellco
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse
A pigtail is a 2m section of fiber optic cable with an SC APC connector end on one end and a non-polished fiber end face on the other end. The cable uses G.652 D fiber. The pigtail has a core diameter of 9 microns and a coating diameter of 125 microns of the fiber optic cable. The cable connector is single-mode. The cable is a 12-color Telcordia compliant with the requirements of the standard.
Products specifications
color 12 colors (Telcordia)
Connector type SC/APC
Diameter [mm] 0,9
Application connectorization of distribution cables in distribution boxes
Length [m] 2
Precipitation losses [dB] <0,3
Return loss [dB] >60