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Pigtail access ready 9/125x01 B3ND M1.0 SC APC 2000m

SKU: PGTD-I-9-B3ND-001-M010-SCA-WHT-2000
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse
dedicated to connections in single and multifamily residential units;
small cable diameter – 3.0mm;
B3 fiber compatible with other fibers;
installation similar to twisted pair cables;
practically impossible to break the optical fiber;
directly mounted on the wall using any mounting elements;
drop-type indoor subscriber cable;
multifamily residential units and installations in the customer's apartment.
Additional technical parameters
Use: indoor
number of fibers: 1
fiber type: G.657.B3
connector standard: SC/APC
connector insertion loss [dB]: <0.3
return loss: APC >60
installation temperature [°C]: 0+40
operating temperature [°C]: -20+40
storage temperature [°C]: -20+40
tensioning force [N]: 80
UV resistance: no
diameter [mm]: 3
color: white
On a drum: 2000m
Products specifications
Number of fibers 1
Pulling force [N] 80
Type internal
Diameter [mm] 3
color white