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Pigtail (drop) VIPER 2J G.657.A1 1x SC APC white 90m

Manufacturer: Cellco
Availability: Currently out of Stock
White VIPER pigtail is a section of fiber optic cable with an SC APC connector on one end and cut fiber on the other end. A cable with a flat cross-section for easier pushing through shafts. LSOH coating. Tool-free stripping of the cable to any distance makes it ideal for multifamily residential units. Drop-type pigtails are most often used to connect subscriber equipment to a fiber optic network in residential and office buildings.
Products specifications
Number of fibers 2
Pulling force [N] 80
Type internal
color white
Connector type SC/APC, 1x SC/APC
Diameter [mm] 3,1 x 2,1 (flat)
Length [m] 90
Fiber type G.657.A1