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PLC Splitter 1:64 without connector – input port pigtail length 1.5m,output port

Manufacturer: ZTT
The PLC Splitter 1:64 is a high-performance optical splitter designed for distributing a single fiber optic input into sixty-four outputs. It's an essential component for network branching without connectors, featuring a 1.5-meter-long input port pigtail.
SKU: FTL01ZT0046
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Technical Data:
Wavelength Range: 1260-1650nm
Insertion Loss: ?20.3dB
Uniformity: ?1.8dB
Fiber Type: G.657A1
Pigtail Length: Input 1.5m, Output port lengths tailored to customer needs
Fiber Diameter: 250µm for bare fiber
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85°C

Uses high-quality G.657A1 fiber for excellent transmission and low loss
Compact size for easy integration in various environments
RoHS2.0 compliant for environmental safety
Meets Telecordia GR-1209 and GR-1221 standards for reliability

This PLC Splitter is perfectly suited for integrating into passive optical networks (PON) and for deployment in optical cross-connect cabinets or splitting boxes, providing a reliable and uniform distribution of optical signals.