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Protective Rubber Tape 10mm 10m

Manufacturer: Loob
Shield your delicate surfaces with Protective Rubber Tape, specifically crafted to safeguard against potential damage during the installation of Loob stainless steel mounting tapes. Its design allows for a snug fit over the steel tape, providing a reliable buffer that keeps your items unscathed.
SKU: FMC10LO0030
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Protective Rubber Tape comes in a versatile black color, tailored for tapes with widths of 20mm and 10mm. Constructed from premium rubber material, it boasts a straightforward installation process, is lightweight, and is meticulously produced to withstand UV exposure.

Black hue for a sleek appearance
Compatible with 20mm and 10mm tape widths
Composed of top-tier rubber for maximum durability
User-friendly application
Lightweight design for ease of use
Expertly crafted for long-lasting quality
UV resistant for outdoor longevity

Ideal for a range of uses, the Protective Rubber Tape is perfect for securing power and lighting poles, as well as road signs, ensuring they remain intact while mounting Loob stainless steel tapes.