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Protective Rubber Tape 20mm 10m

Manufacturer: Loob
Introducing our Protective Rubber Tape – the ideal safeguard for your delicate surfaces during the installation of Loob stainless steel mounting tapes. Measuring 20mm in width and spanning an ample 10 meters, this high-quality rubber tape ensures that your surfaces remain unscathed.
SKU: FMC10LO0029
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Color: Black
Available Tape Widths: 20mm, 10mm
Composition: 100% High-Quality Rubber
Durability: UV Resistant
Dimensions: Length - 10 meters, Width - 20mm

High-grade rubber construction for maximum protection.
Simple, user-friendly assembly.
Lightweight design, ensuring ease of handling and use.
Crafted for durability and resilience against UV exposure.

Protective Rubber Tape is versatile and essential for securing and protecting various installations. It's particularly suited for usage on power poles, lighting poles, and road signs, preventing damage to these structures when mounting Loob stainless steel tapes.