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Saturn distribution point

Manufacturer: Cellco
The Saturn distribution point is a highly versatile solution for FTTH networks, designed to simplify installation and enhance fiber optic network performance with its robust, weather-resistant construction.
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Technical Data:

  • Color: Grey
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Subscriber cable diameter: Up to 7mm
  • Bus cable diameter: Up to 12mm
  • Communication fields: 24 subscriber, 4 + 6 linear
  • Maximum splitters: 2 in ABS housing, 4 in Metal Box
  • Maximum splice trays: 4 Neptun 24J
  • Cable pocket capacity: 100m
  • Connector standard: SC
  • Mid-span splicing: Yes (T)
  • Expansion capabilities: Up to 24 subscriber cables, 4 line cables, 96 splices


  • Easy installation with no cable measurement needed and up to 5 meters welding distance from the post.
  • No cable wells required, reducing groundwork.
  • Durable enclosure crafted from thermoset polyester and glass fiber.
  • Galvanized removable insert for flexibility and ease of use.
  • Online customer welding capability.
  • Expandable insert for increasing forward fibers.
  • Includes 1 splice tray, Saturn insert, casing, SC APC DX adapters, pigtails, rubber gland, cable ties, mounting equipment, and a system lock with key.


  • Ideal as an external distribution point in FTTH network installations.
  • Suitable for constructing fiber optic networks, particularly efficient when utilizing the mining method.
Products specifications
Maximum number of splices 24
Equipment included additional
Maximum number of subscriber cables 12