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SLIM Pigtail 1J G.657.A1 1x SC APC 120m

Manufacturer: Cellco
SKU: N-M-SLIM-PGT-02/01-SCA-120
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse
SLIM pigtail is a section of fiber optic cable with an SC APC connector on one end and a cut fiber on the other end. The cable is made of G.657.A1 class fiber. The coating is LSOH; therefore, it is a universal cable that can be connected directly between the customer and the pole. SPAN length is max. 75-85m. The SC APC connector is characterized by an 8-degree polishing angle of the fiber end face.
Products specifications
Number of fibers 2
Outer shell LSZH
UV resistance yes
Diameter [mm] 3
Connector type SC/APC
Length [m] 120