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Smart Marker Locator SML G1 For Gas Pipeline - Freq. 83,0kHz

Manufacturer: Komplex
The Komplex Smart Marker Locator (SML) is a portable tool designed for a fast and precise localization of all analog markers and Smart Markers. It enhances efficiency in detecting underground networks with its inbuilt GPS module and customizable features
SKU: FMC03KX0025
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Operating Temperature: -20 oC to +60 oC
Accuracy of Marker Depth Measurement: +/- 10%
GPS Navigation: Yes, inbuilt GPS module
Operating Frequency: 83.0kHz - 145.7kHz
Size: 225 x 240 x 210 mm
Device's Weight (with antenna): Max. 4 kg
Internal Rewritable Memory: Capacity for 8000 marker records
Display Type: Backlight LCD screen, 4 x 20 digits
Communication with PC: USB cable
Battery Life: 45 working hours
Battery: 10 pcs. of 1.5 V primary battery cells (IEC R 14)

Fast and precise detection of analog markers and Smart Markers with ID number.
Built-in GPS module for efficient location determination.
Can store individual marker data directly to its internal memory.
Virtual keyboard for creating custom text information for every marker.
Ability to measure approximate depth of a marker.
Can be connected to a PC via a USB cable to transmit data to the unique Marker Database® software.

Ideal for marking and locating underground networks and devices.
Suitable for data management and archiving of all data on your underground networks in the unique Marker Database® software.
Ensures secure data sharing with partners using the Marker Database® web service.