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SP TL540TI (31030540) - Splice Connector

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The SP TL540TI connector (Item no. 31030540) is a high-quality, versatile connector designed for use with the CommScope QR-540 JCA ACT cable. It operates within an extensive frequency range and boasts a nominal impedance of 75 Ohm, delivering superior performance across a range of applications.
SKU: FTL08CA0018
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Technical Data:
Operating within a frequency range of 0.3 - 3000 MHz, this connector offers an Impedance (Nom.) of 75 Ohm. It has an amplitude rating of 27.0 A @10°C increase and 38.1 A @20°C increase. It delivers exceptional transfer impedance of less than 0.9 m?/m @ 5-30MHz and less than 0.12 m?/item @ 5-30MHz. The screening attenuation is above 135 dB at varying frequencies. The temperature ranges for installation, operation, and storage span from -5° to +50° C, -40° to +85° C, and -40° to +85° C respectively.

The SP TL540TI connector is known for its Class A++ transfer impedance and screening attenuation, ensuring unparalleled signal quality. It has better than typical return loss and insertion loss, guaranteeing excellent signal transmission. It also offers impressive temperature intermodulation, robust sealing test insulation resistance, and high dielectric strength. The connector's inner conductor resistance is less than 0.6 m? at 1 A DC.

The SP TL540TI connector is tailored for use with the CommScope QR-540 JCA ACT cable, making it a prime choice for telecommunications, broadband, and network infrastructure applications. Its high-performance specifications, such as the broad frequency range and Class A++ transfer impedance, make it ideal for demanding environments where signal integrity and reliability are of utmost importance.