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SP TL540TI SHORT (31020540) - Splice Connector SHORT

Manufacturer: Cabelcon
The SP TL540TI SHORT is a highly specialized coring and stripping tool designed by Cabelcon. With an item number of 31020540, this connector is specifically tailored for CommScope cables, QR-540 JCA Jacketed. Compact yet robust, it streamlines cable preparation tasks, ensuring a seamless connection process.
SKU: FTL08CA0017
Availability: Currently out of Stock
Technical Data:
Connector: SP TL540TI SHORT
Item number: 31020540
Selected Cable: CommScope cables, QR-540 JCA Jacketed
Back Nut Hex: 24mm
Back Nut: 26.8mm
Body Hex: 24mm
Body: 26.8mm
(SR) Hex: 24mm
(SR): 26.8mm
Total length: 99.5mm

Convenient Size: With a total length of 99.5mm, the SP TL540TI SHORT is designed for ease of use and portability.
Precision Fit: The connector's hex and body dimensions are meticulously engineered for a snug fit, ensuring secure connections every time.
Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with CommScope's QR-540 JCA Jacketed cables, ensuring seamless integration within existing systems.

The SP TL540TI SHORT is ideal for telecommunications and data transmission tasks. Its compact size makes it an essential tool for field technicians working in tight spaces or needing a portable solution. With its compatibility with CommScope cables, it's especially useful in settings where these cables are predominantly used, such as data centers, telecommunications infrastructure, and broadband network installations.