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1-Way Drop Tap 1/12 dB PCT-IT1W-12

Manufacturer: PCT
The PCT-IT1W-12 is a precision-engineered 1-Way Drop Tap from PCT's Gold Series, designed to facilitate a 12 dB tap value within a 1 GHz bandwidth for effective signal distribution.
SKU: 234
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Warehouse: Macedonia

Technical Data:

  • Frequency Range: 5-1002 MHz
  • Insertion Loss (In/Out): 1.6 dB at 751-1002 MHz
  • Isolation Loss (Tap Out): 20 dB at 751-1002 MHz
  • Return Loss (In/Out/Tap): 18 dB at 751-1002 MHz


  • Delivers a flat frequency response for consistent signal quality.
  • Features a high return loss and low insertion loss for optimal performance.
  • Boasts -110 dB shield effectiveness for superior RFI protection.
  • Utilizes a printed circuit board construction for durability.

Ideal for use in cable television and broadband networks, the PCT-IT1W-12 Drop Tap ensures reliable signal distribution with minimal loss, making it a suitable choice for residential or commercial installations where precise signal attenuation is necessary.