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Splitter NEPTUN ABS 1x64 2,0 mm SC APC 1m

Manufacturer: Cellco
The NEPTUN ABS 1x64 2.0 mm SC APC 1m is a high-quality passive optical splitter utilizing PLC technology for efficient light distribution within GPON networks. It comes in a robust ABS casing for added durability and is designed for optimal performance with minimal signal loss.
SKU: SPL-ABS-1X64-20-01-SCA
Availability: In stock
Warehouse: EU warehouse

Technical Data:

  • Product Code: SPL-ABS-1X64-20-01-SCA
  • Fiber Type: G.657.A1
  • Split Ratio: 1x64
  • Cable Length: 1 meter
  • Connector Type: SC/APC
  • Enclosure Material: ABS
  • Fiber Diameter: 2 mm
  • Wavelength Bandwidth: Up to 1650nm


  • Durable ABS housing for protection in challenging environments
  • Fibers housed within a 2mm tube for added security
  • Low-attenuation SC/APC connectors ensure high-quality signal transmission
  • G.657.A1 fiber type for reduced bending losses
  • High uniformity in output power distribution

The NEPTUN ABS 1x64 splitter is ideally suited for installation at NEPTUN distribution points within GPON network constructions, ensuring reliable signal distribution across multiple channels.

Products specifications
Connector type SC/APC
Housing type ABS
Diameter [mm] 2
Power sharing 1x64
Length [m] 1