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Splitter SM PLC 1x16 ABS 100x80x10mm 2,0mm, subunits 1m, 1260-1650nm, IN: SC APC, OUT - LC APC, G657A1

Manufacturer: Cellco
The SPL-SM-PLC-ABS-1X16-20-SCALCA-01-G657 is a compact, high-quality passive optical splitter designed for efficient power distribution across 16 channels. It features durable connectors and an ABS enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor network environments.
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Technical Data:

  • Code: SPL-SM-PLC-ABS-1X16-20-SCALCA-01-G657
  • Power Sharing Configuration: 1x16
  • Connector Type: Input - SC/APC, Output - LC/APC
  • Enclosure Type: ABS
  • Fiber Type: G.657.A1
  • Cable Length: 1 meter
  • Cable Diameter: 2.0mm
  • Wavelength Range: 1260-1650nm
  • Maximum Attenuation (IL): Less than 14dB


  • Compact ABS housing ensures durability and adaptability for various network segments.
  • Utilizes Planar Wave Circuit (PLC) technology for optimal transmission quality.
  • Equipped with robust 2.0mm cables to minimize damage risks.
  • Compatible with multiple connector standards for flexible connectivity options.

This splitter is ideal for deployment in passive optical networks, including FTTx, PON, and CATV systems, providing reliable and symmetrical power division for enhanced network performance.

Products specifications
Housing type ABS
Power sharing 1x16
Connector type SC/APC - LC/APC, SC/APC LC/APC
Length [m] 1