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Terminal optical box 2 fibers SC \ APC (kit) on the wall

Manufacturer: ZTT
The Terminal Optical Box is a compact and reliable solution for telecommunications applications. With its 2 fiber capacity and SC/APC connectors, it provides secure and efficient connectivity. Designed for wall mounting, this terminal box features a thermic type of port seals for enhanced protection. It is suitable for both single-mode and multimode fiber applications.
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Technical Data:

  • Product Name: Terminal Optical Box
  • Fiber Capacity: 2 fibers
  • Connector Type: SC/APC
  • Mounting: Wall Mounting
  • Port Seals: Thermic Type
  • Cable Compatibility: Single-mode and Multimode Fiber
  • Dimensions: [Please provide the dimensions if available]
  • IP Rating: [Please provide the IP rating if available]


  • Compact and reliable solution for telecommunications
  • Thermic type port seals for enhanced protection
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • Supports both single-mode and multimode fiber
  • Provides secure and efficient connectivity


  • Telecommunications networks
  • Fiber optic connections in buildings and campuses
  • Suitable for various applications in FTTH, LAN, and FTTX networks