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CV4580 10/8 - DI straigh connector with clips for microduct 10/8mm

The CV4580 10/8 is a robust straight connector with clips designed for 10/8mm microducts, making it an essential component for telecommunications applications.
SKU: FTL13CZ0003
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Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Technical Data:
This metallic-free connector is crafted with a transparent body, allowing for quick visual inspection of the connected cable. It's fully plastic design ensures non-conductivity, and it's designed to meet CEI EN 50411-2-8 standards, ensuring quality and durability. The connector's dimensions include a size of 10/8mm and it weighs 9 grams.

The CV4580 10/8 connector is characterized by an easy 'push-in' connection, making it both user-friendly and efficient. It's transparent body allows for easy visual inspection of the cable. This model also includes safety clips, ensuring the stability and security of the connection.

This connector is ideal for use in Direct Installation (DI) and Direct Buried (DB) applications. It can be utilized in the construction of telecommunications infrastructure where high-quality and reliable connections are required.