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CV4580 7/5,5 - DI straigh connector with clips for microduct 7/5,5mm

The CV4580 7/5,5 is a straight connector with clips, designed for microducts of 7/5,5mm. It's a robust, easy-to-use component that streamlines the telecom infrastructure setup process.
SKU: FTL13CZ0002
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Technical Data:
This connector offers full plastic design, ensuring a metal-free construction. It's equipped with a transparent body for easy visual inspection. The CV4580 7/5,5 is suitable for use in direct installation and direct buried applications, offering a reliable connection solution for microducts of 7/5,5mm size.

The CV4580 7/5,5 connector is known for its easy push-in connection and robust design, which is suitable for long-term use. It adheres to CEI EN50411-2-8 requirements, ensuring quality and reliability. The connector also features a transparent body to allow easy visual inspection, providing enhanced convenience during installation and maintenance.

This connector is ideal for telecommunications infrastructure. It can be used in setups that require high-quality and reliable components that ensure long service life. From fiber optic networks to various other telecom applications, the CV4580 7/5,5 connector offers a versatile solution for connecting microducts.