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CV4581 10/6 - DB straigh connector with clips for microduct 10/6mm

The CV4581 10/6 is a Direct Buried (DB) straight connector, complete with clips, designed for seamless connection of 10/6mm microducts.
SKU: FTL13CZ0008
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Technical Data:
External Diameter (A): 10mm
Internal Diameter (B): 6mm
F dimension: 20.5
Length (L): 48mm
Weight: 10g
Packaged in sets of 100 pieces

Full plastic design: Ensures the connector is free from metal parts, making it suitable for direct buried applications.
Easy push-in connection: Facilitates quick and secure installations.
Includes safety clips: These prevent accidental disconnections, adding an extra layer of security.
Transparent body: Enables easy visual inspection of the cable within the connector.
Compliance with CEI EN50411-2-8 standards: Guarantees quality and reliability.

Perfect for telecommunications infrastructure, this connector supports high data volumes and short latencies, making it ideal for bringing glass fibre to consumers. Its robust construction makes it suitable for use in demanding environments, specifically in direct buried applications.