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CV4581 16/12 - DB straigh connector with clips for microduct 16/12mm

The CV4581 16/12 is a straight connector with clips specifically designed for 16/12mm microducts. Ideal for direct buried (DB) applications, it simplifies your telecommunications infrastructure development.
SKU: FTL13CZ0011
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Warehouse: EU Warehouse
Technical Data:
External Diameter: 16mm
Internal Diameter: 12mm
Length: 66mm
Weight: 26g
Package Quantity: 50 pieces

Full plastic design, metal-free for safety and longevity
Transparent body for easy visual inspection
Easy 'push-in' connection for simplified installation
Designed to meet the industry standard (CEI EN 50411-2-8)

The CV4581 16/12 connector is primarily used in telecommunications constructions for connecting microducts in direct buried (DB) applications. It facilitates easy, fast, and secure connections, ensuring the robustness of the telecommunications infrastructure.